Guinea pig

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The guinea pig species studied is Cavia porcellus.

Guinea pig
Scientific name Cavia porcellus
Common name Guinea pig

Note: Draft v1 exists, but it has not been submitted to NCBI (there was a problem with some of the files, which have been corrected in v2).

Draft v2 (submitted to NCBI)
Amount assembled Reads: 84.0%
Bases: 85.9%
N50 lengths Contigs: 2.8 Kb
Supercontigs: 48.0 Kb
Supercontigs, ungapped: 14.5 Kb
Total contig length: 1.9 Gb
Locations on Broad machines
PRE /wga/dev1/WGAdata
DATA projects/Cavia
RUN run/work
SUBDIR assisted_3.2
KEY Draft_v3
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