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A graphical representation of the human genome.
A graphical representation of the human genome.

The genome is the complete set of all DNA in an organism. Knowing an organism's genome is extremely useful for genetic, biological, and medical study. A genome is composed of chromosomes. The computerized representation of a genome is an assembly, which is the object created by Arachne.

One important feature of a genome is its size. Most mammalian genomes, including human, are on the order of 1-5 Gbp in length. Bacterial and fungal genomes are much shorter, on the orders of 1-10 Mbp and 10-100 Mbp, respectively. There is no a priori way to know a genome's size (although it is possible to get a reasonable estimate), which can complicate coverage estimations. The input file genome.size gives an estimation of a genome's size.

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