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For binary data files, see Arachne binary format.

An executable module is, simply, a module that is executable. When Arachne is compiled, all executable modules will appear in the form of executable binary files in ARACHNE_BIN_DIR.

You can run any executable module at a command line. The general syntax is:

<module location and name> ARG1=val1 ARG2=val2 ...

where the ARGs and vals are command-line arguments and their values. If you are running UNIX, you can put ARACHNE_BIN_DIR in your path, in which case you will not need to qualify the module location.

Most, but not all, executable modules call the RunTime module at the beginning of their main functions, in order to set up their run-time environment. All executable modules print a report to stdout, beginning with a header (formatted in ParsedArgs) that describes exactly how the module was called. Many executable modules also fork their stdout to logfiles; these logfiles generally appear in RUN or SUBDIR, and take the name <module name>.log or <module name>.out.

To get a complete list of a module's arguments and their default values, run the module with no arguments.

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