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The dog, Canis familiaris, is a domesticated relative of the wolf. The dog genome is significant in the history of Whole Genome Shotgun Assembly: it was one of the earliest sequenced genomes, and this sequencing was first performed at the Broad Institute using Arachne. The research paper is here:

The dog was probably the first animal to be domesticated. Dogs have been subjected to intense selective breeding, leading to the hundreds of dog breeds known today. This combination of domestication and selective breeding has given dogs a highly unusual and fascinating genome, which includes long haploid stretches.

The dog genome is often used as a reference for assisted assembly. A typical procedure for mammalian genome assembly is to align against both the human and the dog genome; this is useful because both genomes are well-known, and because they are far apart genetically (and therefore any mammal is likely to be close to one of them.)

PRE    = /wga/dev1/WGAdata
DATA   = projects/Dog
RUN    = run/work
SUBDIR = Final
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