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This page documents the requirements of software released by the Computational Research and Development (CRD) group at the Broad Institute. It covers software released after February 2009.


System requirements

Software released from the CRD group at the Broad is intended to run on a POSIX compatible OS, this includes almost all flavors of Unix and Linux. Unfortunately this means you cannot build on Windows.

We also require that you build on a little endian processor architecture (which includes almost all modern processors). We build our software in-house mainly on x86_64 machines, though other architectures should work too.

Basic compiler and library requirements to build

The basic requirements to build are:

  • GCC, with it's associated g++, and a version greater then 4.3.2. GCC can be found on the GCC website here.

  • The GMP library compiled with the C++ interface (--enable-cxx passed to their configure script before building). GMP can be downloaded from their website.

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