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The ArachneWiki is the online home of the Arachne software, which performs whole genome shotgun assembly. From here you can setup and run the Arachne code package - both the most recent nightly build and the latest stable build. This site contains sample projects, a bug tracking system, and the Arachne mailing list. It also serves as a public forum and discussion page for users of Arachne worldwide.

The ArachneWiki also serves as a developer's reference for the Arachne code package. It explains the modules that make up the package, the algorithms used in these modules, and the ways in which Arachne users can analyze and improve their genomes.

The ArachneWiki is currently maintained by Joshua Burton. Editing the wiki requires an account; if you would like an account, please send a request to Any other questions about Arachne should be sent to the mailing list:

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