Welcome to the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT's Genome Characterization Center (GCC) website. As a GCC we specialize in sample processing and data generation for high resolution copy number data for TCGA cancer samples, all of which are readily available on this website.

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Please browse through the site and find the following types of information:

  1. Methods: platforms used as part of being a GCC as well as the software analysis pipelines used.

  2. Data/Analysis: pipeline QC plots, individual sample purity/ploidy, batch SNP 6.0 array data download, GISTIC2 analysis, and more.

  3. Results: all the publications for which the Broad GCC was involved including all supporting publications.

  4. About: information about the Broad-GCC, TCGA, Cancer Genetics Program, and Broad Institute itself.

The Broad Institute Genome Characterization Center