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A Mechanism of Cyclin D1 Action Encoded in the Patterns of Gene Expression in Human Cancer
ProjectTranscriptional Regulation
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AbstractHere we describe how patterns of gene expression in human tumors have been deconvoluted to reveal a previously unappreciated mechanism of action for the cyclin D1 oncogene. Computational analysis of the expression patterns of thousands of genes across hundreds of tumor specimens suggested that a transcription factor, C/EBPβ/Nf-Il6, participates in the consequences of cyclin D1 overexpression. Functional analyses confirmed the involvement of C/EBPβ in the regulation of genes affected by cyclin D1 and established this protein as an indispensable effector of a potentially important facet of cyclin D1 biology. This work demonstrates that tumor gene expression databases can be used to study the function of a human oncogene in situ.
AuthorsJustin Lamb, Sridhar Ramaswamy, Heide L. Ford, Bernardo Contreras, Robert V. Martinez, Frances S. Kittrell, Cynthia A. Zahnow, Nick Patterson, Todd R. Golub and Mark E. Ewen
Publication Date08/08/2003
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CitationCell 114: 323-334 2003
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