Our Culture

The Broad Institute was launched to pioneer a new model of collaborative biomedical science that would transform biology and medicine. To accomplish these goals, we have built an amazing team of talented “Broadies” who work together to realize this transformation.

The Broad community

The Broad community includes professional scientists from many disciplines, software engineers and computational biologists, administrative staff, and students, as well as renowned researchers from partner institutions. We seek to cultivate an interdisciplinary, goal-oriented work environment that unleashes scientific creativity and empowers our people to pursue ambitious and critical projects.

In recognition of this unique, collaborative atmosphere, the Broad has been named among the “Top Places to Work” in Massachusetts by the Boston Globe in all three years of our eligibility: 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Our work transcends traditional academic boundaries, giving Broad employees and affiliates access to an unparalleled biomedical research community across Harvard, the Harvard hospitals, MIT, and beyond.

People feel genuinely appreciated at the Broad Institute. The organization encourages different points of view and our jobs make us feel like we’re part of something meaningful.

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