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To facilitate publishing reproducible results, scientists need a simple way of capturing computational workflows and embedding them into papers. GenePattern automatically captures the history of any computational work being done, allowing scientists to easily generate pipelines to reproduce computational methods. Now researchers at Microsoft® and the Broad have collaborated to create the Microsoft Word 2007 add-in for the GenePattern Reproducible Research Document (GRRD), which allows scientists to embed their pipelines in a Word document.

Using the add-in, readers of the document can rerun the pipelines on any GenePattern server from within the Word application. Users who do not have access to Microsoft Word 2007 can use the GenePatternDocumentExtractor module to extract GenePattern pipelines and data from a Word document.


How to install the add-in

Prerequisites: The add-in is compatible with Word 2007. It has been tested on platforms that run the native Windows operating system, Windows installed on Parallels and Windows installed on VMWare virtualization software.

To install the add-in into Microsoft Office:

  1. Navigate to the codeplex site for the add-in:
  2. Click the Downloads tab.
  3. Download and install pre-requisite Office-related software from here.
  4. Run the GenePatternAddIn setup program to install the add-in into Microsoft Office. If the installation is not successful, see the Troubleshooting section of the GRRD User Manual.

For assistance with the add-in, please use the Discussions and Issue Tracker links provided on the codeplex site.


Development of the GRRD was funded by Microsoft and implemented by Infusion and Persistent Systems, Ltd.

Updated on June 05, 2012 10:38