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Hardware Requirements and Software Compatibility

The hardware requirements and current technology versions reflect GenePattern version 3.9.1.  The operating systems and browsers listed reflect those systems and browsers on which GenePattern 3.9.1 has been tested.

Hardware requirements: GenePattern's hardware requirements are found on almost all currently available machines:

Current technology versions: Following are the technology versions used in GenePattern 3.9.1.

*Please see our Blog for information on recent issues with Java updates and GenePattern.

Tested operating systems: GenePattern installers are available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. GenePattern should work with any operating system that has a Java 7 virtual machine installed, and likely on those with Java 8. (We have done minimal testing with Java 8 servers and found no issues) We have tested it on the following OS platforms for the release of GenePattern 3.9.1:

Browser recommendations:

GenePattern has been tested on the following browsers, as of Oct 2014, with GenePattern 3.9.0:


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