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GenePattern 3.9.0 requires Java 7 and contains several new features and fixes.

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New User Features

Disk Usage Quota

We have added a configurable disk usage quota for user files uploaded to the Files Tab. The default configuration disables quotas. 


Job Queue Status Indicator

The Job status page now provides more detailed information about the state of your job in our queue. If a job is pending, i.e. queued and not running, the Job Status page will now display a congestion status indicator for the queue. Green indicates a flowing queue, yellow a slightly congested queue, and red a highly congested  queue.

Job Status Details

The Job Status page now supports the optional display of a job's event history and usage statistics.  These can be accessed via the Show details link below the basic job information.


Files Tab Directory Download

The files in a Files Tab directory can now be saved to the your local computer as a zip file.

New Internal Features

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Updated on October 08, 2014 14:19