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Released June 2013

GenePattern 3.6 contains several new features and fixes.

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New Features

Updated Job Submit Page

In GenePattern 3.6, the job submit page (the page that appears when you select a module or pipeline) has been revised for ease of use.  The user interface has been streamlined with clearer drag--and-drop targets, updated buttons and other UI elements, and reorganized module information in the header.

Improved File Input

We have improved file input to modules and pipelines in a number of ways:

Drag-and-drop File Lists

We have implemented the ability to drag-and-drop/upload multiple files for a single module run; this provides an alternative to having to make a text file containing the absolute paths or URLs to each file, making it much easier to do a single module run on a set of files.  These files can come from a direct upload, a previous job result, the GenomeSpace tab, or an external URL.  This works for any module or pipeline that has file lists enabled.


The 3.6 release fixes issues in GenePattern, including:

Updated on June 10, 2013 13:04