MutSigCV error "not enough mutations to analyze"

I tried to run MutSigCV with data from a group of pediatric tumors, and I got the following error: "not enough mutations to analyze". Pediatric tumors tend to have a much lower mutation rate compared to adult tumors, so I am wondering if there is a way to lower the significance parameters (or to adjust some type of parameter) in order to get the analysis to run with my samples?

Add dummy variants

It seems that the minimum number of mutations required by mutsig is 50 silent and 50 nonsilent. If your data does not have that many variants then adding dummy silent and nonsilent variants might help. Make sure the dummy variants are not in the same genes as the original variants.

It worked!

Thank you for the reply. The issue was that we had too few silent mutations in our original data set. I added some of the lower quality silent mutations to the data set and it worked.