In the news: Times profiles Eric Lander

Elizabeth Cooney, January 3rd, 2012
  • Eric Lander
    Photo courtesy of Len Rubenstein

Broad Director Eric Lander is profiled in today's New York Times as a leader in science who co-founded a biomedical institute although his field was at first pure mathematics.

"Power in Numbers," the lead story in the Times's Science section, starts with his childhood in Brooklyn, follows his path to Princeton and Harvard Business School, and spotlights pivotal moments in his career and in science.

"Soon, Dr. Lander had become a central figure in the effort to sequence the human genome, leading the largest of the three centers that did most of the work," the story says. "He combined his mathematics and the biology and chemistry he'd learned hanging out in labs. And he added insights about industrial organization, achieved in his business school days, to streamline the effort and control costs. What he loved most about the work was the community he had craved, the team effort he had been searching for."

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I met Eric during the National Science Foundation's High Ability Math Student 1973 Summer Training Program for the International Math Olympiad 1974. I was part of the team focusing on calculus and Trig.Styvantsunt HS produced a few NSF HAMS that year and Olympiad US team members. The guys used NAIR on Eric's legs as a prank.I used to teach engineering at Penn State but now I am DOE as a Nuclear Engineer leading research.