Expand your mind

Ellen Clegg, May 15th, 2012 | Filed under

The Broad Institute is launching a new series of workshops to share laboratory and computational methods developed within our community and extend the impact of our science. These BroadE workshops, which launch May 21, are open to all Broad staff and to scientists from the Harvard and MIT communities. 

The BroadE curriculum ("E" stands for educational, and "Broad" means collaboration) offers insights and hands-on training in rapidly evolving technologies, high-throughput methods, and computational tools that are not typically found in conventional research labs. 

The goal of these workshops is to more broadly share - with other Broadies as well as scientists at our partner institutions - the laboratory and computational methods we develop.

Go here to learn more and register for the following workshops:

GenePattern - May 21
Using CellProfiler for Biological Image Analysis - May 25
RNA-Seq Introduction - June 25