Broadies take the seven words challenge

Leah Eisenstadt, November 15th, 2010 | Filed under

Our colleagues in New Zealand took the seven words challenge: Can you describe your scientific pursuits in seven words or less? We posed the question to our own scientists here at the Broad and got some enlightening results!

Taking the guesswork out of cancer

I discover the molecular causes of cancer

Assemble genome sequence from billions of pieces

DNA isolation, preparation, quantification, management and storage

Understanding molecular mechanisms of genome evolution

Finding new uses for old medicines

Produce shRNA lentivirus for arrayed screening

Make more beta cells

I use computers to study evolution

Engineer software to analyze huge microscopy experiments

How does the genome fold? Without knots

Making genomic data more accessible

Immobilized small-molecule microarray detection of protein binding

We turn images into biomedically relevant numbers

Develop pertinent assays to screen small molecules


And a few responses to the challenge from our fellow members of the Broad Communications Team, including one very creative haiku:

I observe, connect and communicate the Broad

Turning science into words everyone can understand

Making science web-accessible

Stories are vessels
Quenching curiosity
Decanting science

Engage high school students in scientific research

Access to the literature keeps researchers happy


Can you rise to the seven words challenge? If so, post your response here!