Broad Paper Vids: From biopsy to bedside

Paul Goldsmith, May 29th, 2014

Whole-exome sequencing—a technique that decodes the genetic information in protein-coding genes—has transformed the understanding and analysis of cancer biology, but the impact of this revolutionary technique has yet to reach patients in the clinic.

In this edition of Paper Vids, Broad researcher Eliezer Van Allen and associate member Nikhil Wagle discuss their recent Nature Medicine paper in which they lay out a new approach to sequence, analyze, and clinically interpret both fresh and archived tumor samples. Along with first authors Van Allen and Wagle, a team of Broadies contributed to the study including numerous members of the Cancer Program and Genomics Platform, and co-senior authors Gad Getz and Levi Garraway.

Find out how this “start to finish” approach to whole-exome sequencing might hold the key to precision cancer medicine and improved patient care: