Broad’s websites will be unavailable Oct. 17 – 20

Haley Bridger, October 8th, 2013

Upddate, Oct. 20: We're happy to report that our IT team has made impressive progress over the weekend and our external facing web pages are now back up and running. For updates on other services, please follow the tweets from @broadsystems.

Beginning on October 17, all of the Broad’s websites – and many other IT services at the institute – will be unavailable for several days during a planned IT outage. You can still reach folks at the Broad by email or by phone. But if you visit the Broad websites to access scientific tools, databases, data, software, wikis, and all other files and pages hosted by the Institute, please note that you will be unable to get to these resources and pages during the outage. We will be back up and running again by Monday morning, October 21.

During the outage, some services may go online and then back offline. Please do not rely on having access to any services or websites hosted by the Broad Institute until the outage is over.

For general updates, please follow the Broad’s official media accounts on Twitter @BroadInstitute, Facebook, and Google Plus.

For more detailed updates, follow our friends in Broad IT services on Twitter @broadsystems and Google Plus.