Guhapriya (“Gupi”) Ranganathan

Gupi Ranganathan completed her two-year residency at the Broad in 2011. At the end of her stay, she exhibited “Unfolding,” a collection that used video, paintings, prints, and wire sculpture to explore the process of the genome unfolding and life unfolding, linking the theme seamlessly to the process of scientific collaboration at the Broad. The works in her exhibit reveal science in all its effortless beauty: the image of a long polymer folded into a fractal globule, lines seen in neural structures, space-filling lines based on the Hilbert curve.

Her current projects continue to integrate art and science. She is working on a series with “Ramifications” as its theme. The project, which is still in its nascent stage, will consider the consequences and contingencies of branching from a common source, as a species branches off through evolution. She is also working with Trifecta Editions on two limited edition screen prints from the drawings made during her Broad residency. Ranganathan is also one of the talented artists participating in Catalyst Conversations, a series of presentations about projects that connect art and science which is held at the Catalyst Restaurant in Kendall Square.

Ranganathan holds an MFA from Massachusetts College of Art & Design and is an adjunct faculty member at Simmons College.

Learn more about Gupi and her work on her website.

Last updated date: January 2013