Daniel Kohn

Daniel Kohn is the Broad’s founding artist in residence. He first came to the Broad in 2003 at the invitation of Broad Chief Scientific Officer Todd Golub. He returns with his current commission, “Instance of a visual dataset,” as part of the 2012-2013 Broad Creative series.

Born in 1964 in Ahmedabad, India to French and American parents, Kohn was raised in France. When he moved from Paris to New York in 1996, he was working on a series of interiors of a house in the center of France which sought to document the relation between art and the places of its making. Following his 1998 participation in World Views, a residency in the World Trade Center, Kohn’s focus shifted to abstracted landscapes of New York seen from above. As a result of his interaction with the Broad community over the past several years, his work now explores the place of science and the structures we use to understand our Post-Newtonian world.

Kohn’s current Broad commission explores some of the ideas in genomics using the space of artistic visual metaphor. He describes the installation as “the product of eight years of exposure, discussion, disagreement, and collaboration with Broad scientists,” and he invites you to experience this dialog through his evolving installation, which spans 7 floors of the Broad's 7 Cambridge Center building. He also encourages you to participate in the conversation. You can share your thoughts at Kohn Installation @ Broad on Google +. You can also visit Assembly Space to interact and play with the tiled art pieces that Daniel has created. 

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Learn more about Daniel Kohn and his work by visiting his official website.

Last updated date: April 2013