• Blast    Search our database for local alignments against nucleotide or protein sequence.

  • Pfam    Browse Genes by PFAM Domain

  • Rfam    Browse Functional RNAs

  • Functional Enrichment    Search for genes based on function

  • Dot Plot    Displays a dotplot of a reference genome compared to one or more alternate genomes.

  • Circular Genome Viewer    View features on Circular Genome Viewer

  • Genome Map    View and compare features on the Genome Map

  • Synteny Map    Displays synteny between genomes relative to chromosomes.

  • Gene/Feature Search    Search for genes and features such as BlastX hits, tRNAs, rRNAs, ORFs, and more.

  • Search Gene Families    Search gene families by included genomes or by gene description.

  • View Genome Regions    View entire genomes or portions thereof.

  • Integrated Genome Viewer (IGV Java Webstart)

    After launching IGV, choose the genome you want to view from top left menu in the IGV window. Then select 'Load from Server...' from the IGV File menu to pick the datasets you want to display. If you load a gene annotation track, you can search for genes using their common names (ie cut2) or their systematic names (ie SPBC14C8.01c, note that an exact match is required, so SPBC14C8.01 will not work) in the location field on the top of the IGV window. More information can be found at the IGV website.