What's New?

09/06/2006    Release of the results of Automated Annotation

This annotated release presents:

  • A predicted protein gene set of 5,678 genes
  • Protein BLAST databases
  • Precomputed results of BlastX and HMMer Analyses
  • Alternative proteins predicted by various gene callers (Glimmer, GeneMark)
  • tRNA predictions
  • RFam features
  • Search and visualizations for all the features
  • A full summary can be found here. Click here for a description of how the gene predictions were generated.

12/28/2004    Initial release of 10X sequence assembly

The initial release of our 10X sequence assembly of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae RM11-1a assembly. The sequence traces from the Broad Institute sequencing can be downloaded from the NCBI trace repository.

Important information about this release can be found here.

This initial release allows:

  • BLAST searches against our 10X genome assembly
  • Downloads of the consensus sequence and additional files for the genome assembly
  • Search and download a particular region of the genome assembly

There will be a second upcoming release containing the annotation of predicted genes and other genomic features.

Assembly Data

9/10/2004    Assembly 1


Sequencing Facts

  • 10X sequencing coverage of the genome
  • 115 contigs in 17 supercontigs (scaffolds)
  • 101.5 Kb average contig length (range 369 bp - 893 Kb)
  • 689.9 Kb average supercontig length (range 197.7 Kb - 1.5 Mb)
  • 11.7 Mb total length of combined contigs (11,675,031 bp)
  • Average base lies in a contig of length 263.3 Kb
  • Average base lies within a supercontig of length 794.9 Kb