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Magnaporthe grisea Assembly 6

Magnaporthe grisea, the causal agent of rice blast disease, is one of the most devasting threats to food security worldwide. Conservatively, each year enough rice is destroyed by rice blast disease to feed 60 million people (Zeigler et al. 1994). Indeed, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recently recognized and listed rice blast as a significant biological weapon. No part of the world is now safe from this disease. It was long thought of as being confirned to developing nations, but over the past decade it has emerged as a serious problem in the United States. A major epidemic occurred in the Southern US following the widespead introduction of the susceptible cultivar Newbonnet (Marchetti 1994).

Magnaporthe grisea Mitochondrial Assembly

The mitochondrial sequence was assembled separately from the genomic sequence. For submission to Genbank, however its supercontigs were assigned numbers consecutive to the genomic numbering.