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Family Description
# of Genes
MutS_V MutS domain V 22
Thioredoxin Thioredoxin 44
NUDIX NUDIX domain 88
cNMP_binding Cyclic nucleotide-binding domain 115
DUF161 Uncharacterized BCR, YitT family COG1284 110
PTS_EIIC Phosphotransferase system, EIIC 261
AAA_2 ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA) 58
zf-C4_ClpX ClpX C4-type zinc finger 11
Glycos_transf_3 Glycosyl transferase family, a/b domain 21
Sugar-bind Putative sugar-binding domain 33
EIIA-man PTS system fructose IIA component 87
HTH_11 HTH domain 272
TPP_enzyme_N Thiamine pyrophosphate enzyme, N-terminal TPP binding domain 33
BPD_transp_1 Binding-protein-dependent transport system inner membrane component 391
HATPase_c Histidine kinase-, DNA gyrase B-, and HSP90-like ATPase 226
NIL NIL domain 22
DUF1706 Protein of unknown function (DUF1706) 11
DUF1093 Protein of unknown function (DUF1093) 33
SmpB SmpB protein 11
PGK Phosphoglycerate kinase 11
PTS_IIB PTS system, Lactose/Cellobiose specific IIB subunit 226
MrpF_PhaF Multiple resistance and pH regulation protein F (MrpF / PhaF) 11
DUF1963 Domain of unknown function (DUF1963) 11
GIDA Glucose inhibited division protein A 22
LSM LSM domain 12
CTP_transf_1 Cytidylyltransferase family 11
YGGT YGGT family 11
Glyco_tran_28_C Glycosyltransferase family 28 C-terminal domain 11
Mur_ligase_M Mur ligase middle domain 55
Mur_ligase_C Mur ligase family, glutamate ligase domain 54
Glycos_transf_4 Glycosyl transferase family 4 33
PASTA PASTA domain 52
Abi CAAX amino terminal protease family 35
CBM_5_12 Carbohydrate binding domain 33
fn3 Fibronectin type III domain 34
Ribosomal_S16 Ribosomal protein S16 11
FolB Dihydroneopterin aldolase 11
Sulfate_transp Sulfate transporter family 22
EIIBC-GUT_C Sorbitol phosphotransferase enzyme II C-terminus 11
Peptidase_M50 Peptidase family M50 22