Fusarium comparative manuscript is published in Nature

Online supplementary materials to support "Fusarium comparative genomics reveals lineage-specific chromosomes related to pathogenicity".


SecretedProteinAnnotation Fusarium secreted proteins
FoCottenRootEST_blast_FO2trans100 EST sequences from F. oxysporum f. sp. vasinfectum blast against Fol
FoxysporiumChr14GenesAnnotation Annotation genes of Fol Chr14
FoxysporumChrCodon_Usage Fol chromosomes Codon_Usage tables
FusariumCazyannotation Annotation of Fusarium carbohydrate-active enzymes
FusariumKinomesAnnotation Annotation of Fusarium Kinomes
FusariumTranscriptionFactors Annotation of Fusarium Transcription Factors
GOannotation_FO2LSversusAllgene GO category enrichment for genes encoded in Fol LS versus conserved regions
FG3_TEs.gff Transposons identified in Fg
FO_TEs.gff Transposons identified in Fol
FV3_TEs.gff2 Transposons identified in Fv
FusariumSMBClustersAnnotationExpression.xlsx Annotation and expression of the SMB gene clusters