Sequencing & Assembly

Methodology Overview

The Fusaria genomes were sequenced using the Whole Genome Shotgun methodology, whereby:

  1. DNA is shattered into small fragments (~4 kb or ~40 kb)
  2. Each fragment is inserted into a vector and cloned
  3. The two ends of the fragment are sequenced, creating paired reads
  4. The assembly process uses the paired reads to identify contiguous stretches of sequence (contigs)
  5. Contigs are ordered and linked together into larger supercontigs by using paired reads lying in different contigs

Assembly Data

 Assembly (bp) Supercontigs Contigs Coverage Contig NC50 Supercontig NC50
F. verticillioides strain 760041,772,00036210 (41,700,345 bp)8X392.397 Kb1.96 Mb
F. graminearum strain PH-1 (NRRL 31084) 36,429,94031433 (36,223,641 bp)10X184.591 Kb5.32Mb
F. oxysporum strain 4287 (race 2, VCG 0030)61,340,4131131361(59,935,883 bp)6X95.416 Kb1.96 Mb

Supercontig/Contig Numbering

  • Supercontig and contig numbers are preceded by the version of the assembly. For example:
    • Contig 3.25 - refers to contig number 25 within assembly 3.
    • Supercontig 3.2 - refers to supercontig number 2 within assembly 3.

  • Supercontigs are numbered in order of decreasing length. For example, supercontig 3.1 is the largest with 4.627 Mb, and supercontig 3.61 is the smallest with 14.062 Kb.

    See the Assembly Structure for a list of all supercontigs with their lengths and contained contigs.

  • Contigs within supercontigs are ordered positionally. For example, supercontig 3.1 contains contigs 1,2,3... (in that order).

    See the Assembly Structure to explore the contigs of each supercontig or download a comma-separated file.

    There is no correspondence between contig or supercontigs numbers in different assemblies.

Library Clones

F. verticillioides

Library Name # Clone ends mapped to Assembly 3
Broad fosmids74,496
Syngenta fosmids236,192
Broad plasmids450,848
Syngenta plasmids289,152

F. graminearum

Library Name # Clone ends mapped to Assembly 3
Broad fosmids156,941
Broad plasmids518,929

F. oxysporum

Library Name # Clone ends mapped to Assembly 2
Broad fosmids100,045
Broad plasmids547,105