4/7/2008    New ESTs

Additional EST sequences have been added to libraries G771, G772 and G809. You can obtain these plus the contents of the other library G810 from >Download Sequence >Supplementary files.

10/05/2007    Consolidated Annotation Release

  • The consolidated data set created by merging annotations from Broad, JCVI and VectorBase. It has a total of 20,306 genes
  • Supplementary files of Functional Annotation generated at JCVI: Domains, InterPro, MCLClusters
  • List of gene attributes
  • 4/17/2007    Preliminary Broad Annotation

  • The Broad Institute's draft annotation of Culex pipiens assembly 3 containing 18,673 genes
  • List of corresponding Gene-curation flags
  • GTF file of PSI Transposons from TIGR
  • EST librarys G771, G772 and re-trimmed libraries G809 and G810, all in fasta format
  • RepeatMasker run against the RECON (VectorBase) and RepeatScout (TIGR) libraries
  • 3/26/2007    The initial release of our 6X sequence assembly of C. pipiens quinquefasciatus JHB

    This assembly has been deposited at GenBank under the project accession AAWU01000000. The sequence traces from the Broad Institute sequencing can be downloaded from the NCBI trace repository.

    Important information about this release can be found here.

    This initial release allows:

    • BLAST searches against our 6X genome assembly
    • Downloads of the consensus sequence and additional files for the genome assembly
    • Feature Search of the features found in the genome assembly
    • Search and download a particular region of the genome assembly