What's New

January 12, 2007      Web release of Puccinia graminis 8X assembly
January 11, 2007      Web release of F. verticillioides annotation.
December 22, 2006      Web release of Broad EST data for C. immitis and C. posadasii.
December 5, 2006      Web release of SNP sequences for F. graminearum.
October 17, 2006      Web release of B. dendrobatidis 7X assembly.
October 13, 2006      Web release of Rhizopus optical map.
October 6, 2006      Web release of C. immitis RMSCC2394 8X assembly.
March 7, 2006   Blastable databases available for search against all our fungal genomes plus
July, 2004      Web release of the fourth FGI White paper
October 10, 2003      Web release of the third FGI White paper
July 28, 2003   Web release of the second FGI White paper
May 21, 2003   Web-based nomination submission form