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Argo Preview Download

run Argo2 preview on MT_H37RV_V2 via webstart.

All data files for the release will automatically be downloaded. This can take a LONG time the first time you do it (working on finer grained checkout).

To see projected autocalled genes, zoom in past individual feature threshold (300 bases per pixel by default)

There are a number of ways to render the multiple alignment tracks. Right click the track label and choose Alignment -> Diversity Style / Colormap. The default is the convergence diversity style / grayscale.

To project a gene to the multiple alignment tracks, select it and Edit -> Insert Projected Gene.

In the default collapsed track state, projected genes will be drawn overlapping the multiple alignments. Expand the track by clicking the expand button at left to see them pushed out into separate rows.

Zoom in to single base resolution and drag shift drag the projecting gene to edit all boundaries.

Shift drag over a projected gene to drag only its boundaries (track must be expanded for this to work).

Query genes that have been edited will no longer participate in group edits.


Duration: 3:02 SD (18MB) HD (49MB)