Argo Zoom Menu

This page describes each menu item in the Argo Zoom menu. Except for the explicitly labeled vertical zoom options, all zooming in Argo is horizontal zooming.

You can zoom using the Zoom menu or the mouse. To use the mouse, hold the shift key and click: left click zooms in, right click zooms out. To zoom in on an area, drag the mouse over the area while pressing the shift key and the left mouse button (middle mouse button for a 3-button mouse).

When you zoom, the height of the feature glyphs remains the same. To change feature glyph height and other display settings, use the Feature Map Options window.

 Menu Item  Shortcut Active If... Description
Zoom in* + feature map active Zooms in on the sequence.
Zoom out* - feature map active Zooms out from the sequence.
Zoom to Selected* control ` feature(s) selected Zooms to and centers the selected features.
Zoom to Highlighted control 2 feature(s) highlighted Zooms to and centers the highlighted features. This is particularly useful for zooming in on sequences highlighted using the Inspector panel or the Sequence Finder.
Zoom to 100%* control 1 feature map active Zooms to the point where the 100% of the loaded sequence is visible.
Zoom to Percent...* control 5 feature map active Prompts the user to resize the feature map to percent of what would fit in a single screen.
Zoom to Sequence* control 0 feature map active Zooms to the point where the sequence units (nucleotides) become visible in the ruler.
Vertical Size to Fit feature map active Adjusts feature glyph height so that all features fit into map. Minimum feature height 1 pixel.
Vertical Restore feature map active Restores feature heights to defaults after vertical zoom.
Vertical In feature map active Increases height of all features in map.
Vertical Out feature map active Reduces height of all features in map.
Scroll To Strand Boundary feature map active Scrolls vertically to the boundary between positive and negative strands. If strands are not segregated, has no effect. (Use the Feature Map Options window to segregate strands.)
Scroll To Sequence Position feature map active Prompts for sequence position and scrolls map to center on it.
Center Selected** feature(s) selected Scrolls feature map to center selected feature(s).
*Available on right click in the Feature Map, Comparative Perpendicular, and Comparative Parallel windows.
**Available on right click in the Feature Map window.

Last Updated: Sept 18 2006
Contact: Reinhard Engels