Argo Track Table Window

The Argo Track Table window lets you set a number of track-specific display and filtering options. These settings, described below, are automatically remembered across sessions. To open the Track Table window, select Track Table on the File menu.

track table

Batch Setting Properties

To set properties for more than one track at a time, select the tracks you'd like to set by dragging over them with your mouse or control/shift/apple clicking them and then right clicking. A pop-up menu allows you to set properties for the selected tracks.

The Settings


This is a read only property. For file based track managers, it is usually the name of the track file.


"Track Manager" is the Argo term for a track file format or database. This column lists the track manager for this track.


This is a read only property. It is the number of features in this track loaded onto the current sequence.


The color of this cell is the color features of this track will be drawn as. Click on the cell to bring up a color chooser dialog to change it.

color chooser


The lower this number, the higher the priority of the track. Sorting is from the top of the feature map when strands are not segregated, from the center if stands are segregated. The default value is 100.


Controls whether features of this track are to be displayed in the feature map. Checked features are displayed.


Controls whether features of this track may be edited. Checked features can be edited. Note: Some track managers do not support editing or allow only certain tracks to be edited. For these, the "Edit?" column is read only.


Controls how to vertically stack and display features of the track:


Maximum number of feature rows to display for a track with segregated arrangement. This setting has no effect with other arrangements.


Filters out features in this track unless they match the specified criteria.


Sorts features in this track by the specified fields.


Build custom feature labels rather than using the default feature labels. This can be useful to get a quick overview of the distribution of a property of interest.

The Buttons

Load Tracks from File prompts you for a new track file to load. It is functionally equivalent to the Load Tracks... item in the File menu.

Unload Selected Track Files unloads the selected file-based track managers, removing their tracks and associated features from memory.

Clear All Loaded Track Files unloads all file-based track managers, removing their tracks and associated features from memory.

OK closes the track table window, saving the changed settings and using those settings to update the feature map window.

Cancel closes the track table window without saving the changed settings or updating the feature map window.

Last Updated: Sept 18 2006
Contact: Reinhard Engels