Argo Splice Site Profile

The Splice Site Profile shows a compact representation of the splice sites for a selected feature. It is accessible from the Analyze Menu, the Feature Map right click menu, and the DNA Sequence Panel right click menu.

Splice sites are listed in 5' to 3' order. Each row gives splice site information for one intron. Columns are described below.

  1. Intron Number
  2. DNA of splice sites in context, from 5' to 3': 3 blue exonic nucleotides followed by underlined gray splice sites followed by 2 gray intronic nucleotides followed by ellipses (the rest of the intron) followed by the same splice site and context on the 3' side. Non-canonical splice sites are drawn in red instead of gray.
  3. Intron length
  4. Intron coordinates relative to parent feature
  5. Intron coordinates relative to Feature Map sequence

Highlighting a row highlights that intron in the Feature Map and/or DNA Sequence panel.

argo splice site profile

Last Updated: Sept 18 2006
Contact: Reinhard Engels