Argo Properties Panel

The Properties panel shows properties for selected features, segments, or alignment glyphs. It is a tab on the Inspector panel.

Some properties vary on the type of feature selected, others are standard. All features have a FEATURE property, which shows the name and feature id; a LOCATION property, which shows feature strand (+ or -), start to stop separated by a hyphen, and length in parentheses; and a TRACK property, which shows the label and id of the track to which this feature belows, with background color matching that with which features of this track are drawn in the feature map for quick identification.

Broad Internal Only: all calhoun database feature, sequence, and analysis event ids shown in the properties panel are underlined and hyperlinked to the calhoun web ui. Click to open the appropriate page in your browser.

argo properties panel

Last Updated: Sept 18 2006
Contact: Reinhard Engels