Argo Feature Map Options Window

Use the Argo Feature Map Options window to set display options for feature maps. All settings are remembered across sessions. To open the Feature Map Options window, select Feature Map Options on the View menu. (To set track-specific display options, use the Track Table window.)

General Display Options

Selection Color yellow Controls the background color used to indicate that an item is selected.

Feature Display Options

Auto Generate Orfs? true Controls whether Argo automatically determines the best possible ORF when you click on a transcript. If selected (true), the mRNA panel of the Inspector highlights the start and stop codons of this best possible ORF; otherwise, the mRNA panel highlights a best possible ORF ony if it stored with the transcript.
Feature Height 7 pixels Controls the height in pixels of simple features (features without subfeatures).
Bordered? true Controls whether a border is painted around features.
Label size 10 Controls the size of feature labels. Set to 0 if you would rather not see feature labels at all.
Show Coordinates in Label? false Controls whether to show feature coordinates in label.
Show Track Labels? false Controls whether to color-coded track labels at the left edge of the feature map. This is most useful for segregated tracks. For integrated tracks, the label is Integrated. (Use the Track Table window to specify whether a track is segregated or integrated.)
Max Integrated Rows 250 Controls the maximum number of rows used to display integrated tracks.
Row spacing 0 pixels Controls the number of pixels spacing to add between feature rows.
Pending Insert Color Controls the color used to highlight pending feature inserts.
Pending Update Color Controls the color used to highlight pending feature updates.

Sequence Display Options

Warn if DB Sequence Length > 500000 Controls the threshold at which Argo to displays a warning that the database sequence you are opening is longer than this threshold value and may take a long time to load.
Reverse Sequence Orientation? false Controls whether to present sequence in ascending (5' to 3') or descending (3' to 5') order.
Segregate Strands? false Controls whether to group features by strand. This is a very commonly selected option.
Positive (or mixed) Strand Background white Controls background color for positive strand or (if not segregating by strand) the entire feature map.
Negative Strand Background pale yellow Controls background color for negative strand if segragating by strand.

Last Updated: Sept 18 2006
Contact: Reinhard Engels