Argo Edit Menu

This page describes each menu item in the Argo Edit menu.

For more on editing, see the User Guide.

 Menu Item  Shortcut Active If... Description
Delete Selected* delete key editable feature(s) selected Remove selected features from map and mark them to be deleted from data source on next save.
Update Feature* control u editable feature selected Edit an existing feature. Edits will be pushed to data source on next save.
Insert Compound Feature control i feature map active Create a new feature, based on current seletions, if any. You will be prompted to specify a data source for this feature on next save.
Create Selectable Column feature(s) selected Creates a selectable sequence column on each selected feature.
Make Highlighted Column(s) Selectable column(s) highlighted Creates a selectable sequence column for each contiguous set of highlighted column(s).
Featurize Highlighted Columns column(s) highlighted Creates a new temporary feature for each contiguous set of highlighted column(s). Temporary features are deleted when you exit Argo.
Open Recent Edit always Lists the last ten recently edited features. Choose a feature to open in the feature map. Choose Clear Map to clear this list of features.
Save control s edits pending Pushes pending edits to the data store (file or database).
Rollback edits pending Rolls back all pending edits. Pending edits are deleted and the feature map returns to its pre-edited state.
View Unsaved Edits edits pending Opens a screen showing pending edits. Edits may be individually committed or rolled back from this screen.

* Available on right click in the Feature Map window.

Last Updated: Sept 18 2006
Contact: Reinhard Engels