Combo Menu

This page describes each menu item in the Argo Combo menu.

 Menu Item  Shortcut Active If... Description
New Comparative View... always Prompts you to specify data on which to open a new Comparative View.
Reload Comparison** comparative perpendicular view active Opens a dialog box that specifies the data currently displayed in the Comparative View. Optionally, modify the data to be displayed and click OK to redisplay the ComBo view.
Filter Alignments* comparative view active Prompts you for the maximum number of overlaps (max). An alignment is not displayed if it overlaps with more than max other alignments. Specify a smaller maximum number of overlaps to display fewer alignments.
Select by Criteria...* comparative view active Selects alignments based on the criteria that you specify. Each criterion is based on an optional field in the alignment field (FIELD08, FIELD09, and so on). To see the values in these fields, select an alignment and click the Properties panel of the Inspector window.
Show Nucleotide Level Alignment* alignment selected in comparative view Reruns the selected alignment, displaying the results in the Alignment window. In the Alignment window, click Featurize to add this alignment as a temporary feature in the feature maps for both the reference and query sequences. Note: Running an alignment is a memory intensive operation; therefore, this option works only for short alignments.
*Available on right click in the Comparative Perpendicular and Comparative Parallel windows.
**Available on right click in the Comparative Perpendicular window.

Last Updated: Sept 18 2006
Contact: Reinhard Engels