Argo File Formats: Blast

Argo can load traditional style blast output files as feature tracks.

When the blast result file is selected and opened, an option dialog box appears asking if the subject coordinates should be used to draw the feature.

Sample blast files are listed below.

To view these files in Argo, superimpose them on the following fasta sequence: super_15687.fa

File Use subject coordinates? Description
sc15687_huints_tbn.out yes tblastn with human integrins as the queries and super_15687.fa as database.
sc15687_otherints_tbn.out no tblastn with integrins from a variety of non-mammalian species as the queries and super_15687.fa as database
sc15687_v_CiESTtbx.out no tblastx with super_15687.fa as query and several EST assemblies encoding the probable ortholog of this gene in Ciona intestinalis, a related sea squirt that is about as closely related to Ciona savignyi as human is to mouse.

These blast results were generated with blastall 2.2.4. Other text-only versions of blast output can work with the Blast loader as well. For Blast2seqs, use:

Last Updated: Sept 18 2006
Contact: Reinhard Engels