Argo Genome Browser

Argo Version 1.0.31: Run Argo via Webstart (Recommended) | Download Argo | Documentation

The Argo Genome Browser is the Broad Institute's production tool for visualizing and manually annotating whole genomes. This free and open source standalone Java 1.4 application provides:

Though other genome browsers with similar feature sets exist, we believe Argo provides a more flexible and intuitive user interface.

This software is open source and provided free of charge under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) (as of release 1.0.18 on 2007-01-16) . You can download the source code here.

Releases are made about once every two months. The current release, version 1.0.31, was made available for download on 2010-02-05.

Bioinformatics instructors may wish to read about how Argo was used in other courses to illustrate fundamental concepts in computational genomics.

INTERNAL BROAD USERS: download the latest internal release here (including argo2 Beta!)

Contact: Reinhard Engels