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Andreea O'Connell

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Liz Sweeney

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We would be very grateful if you could briefly and informally address the following topics (as well as any others you feel are important), providing concrete examples where appropriate.

Nominee Information
Questions & Comments
  1. Please describe (at a high level) why you are interested in being an Associate Member.
  2. Please provide specific examples of ways that you and your lab have been involved with the Broad community in the past.
  3. Please describe specific ways in which your research and that of your lab might benefit from involvement with the Broad Community.
  4. Please highlight specific areas in which you and your lab might enrich and / or extend the existing Broad Community.
  5. The Broad Institute will reach its tenth anniversary on July 1, 2014. To ensure that the Broad remains a vibrant institution going forward, we are looking for your feedback on how best to do that. What would you change or add to improve the future of the Broad community?
  6. We are eager for any additional input or comments.